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Black Ops 3 Server Information

Gametype Settings:
////Server Information////
//In-Game Voice Settings
gametype_setting voipDeadChatWithDead 0
gametype_setting voipDeadChatWithTeam 1
gametype_setting voipDeadHearAllLiving 0
gametype_setting voipDeadHearTeamLiving 1
gametype_setting voipEveryoneHearsEveryone 0
gametype_setting voipDeadHearKiller 0
gametype_setting voipKillersHearVictim 1

////Other Game Settings////
//General #1
gametype_setting spectateType 1
gametype_setting allowKillcam 1
gametype_setting allowFinalKillcam 1
gametype_setting allowMapScripting 1
gametype_setting allowSpectating 1
gametype_setting allowInGameTeamChange 1
gametype_setting disableAttachments 0
gametype_setting disableTacInsert 0
gametype_setting disableCAC 0
gametype_setting disableClassSelection 0
gametype_setting disableweapondrop 0
gametype_setting disableContracts 0
gametype_setting disableAmbientFx 0
gametype_setting disableThirdPersonSpectating 0
gametype_setting disableVehicleSpawners 0
gametype_setting disallowaimslowdown 0
gametype_setting disallowprone 0

//General #2
gametype_setting loadoutKillstreaksEnabled 1v
gametype_setting autoTeamBalance 0
gametype_setting onlyHeadshots 0
gametype_setting forceRadar 0
gametype_setting allowhitmarkers 1
gametype_setting maxAllocation 10
gametype_setting crateCaptureTime 3
gametype_setting inactivityKick 0
gametype_setting antiBoostDistance 100

gametype_setting friendlyfiretype 1
gametype_setting teamKillPenalty 2
gametype_setting teamKillPointLoss 1
gametype_setting teamKillPunishCount 0
gametype_setting teamKillReducedPenalty 1
gametype_setting teamKillScore 4
gametype_setting teamKillSpawnDelay 20

gametype_setting playerMaxHealth 100
gametype_setting playerKillsMax 0
gametype_setting playerHealthRegenTime 5
gametype_setting playerForceRespawn 1
gametype_setting playerQueuedRespawn 0
gametype_setting playerSprintTime 4
gametype_setting waveRespawnDelay 0
gametype_setting playerRespawnDelay 0
gametype_setting playerObjectiveHeldRespawnDelay 0
gametype_setting playerNumLives 0
gametype_setting teamNumLives 0
gametype_setting maxsuicidesbeforekick 0
gametype_setting droppedTagRespawn 0

gametype_setting scoreHeroPowerGainFactor 1.0
gametype_setting scoreHeroPowerTimeFactor 1.0
gametype_setting scoreThiefPowerGainFactor 1.0

gametype_setting throwScore 0
gametype_setting leaderBonus 0
gametype_setting killEventScoreMultiplier 1
gametype_setting killstreaksGiveGameScore 1
gametype_setting pointsForSurvivalBonus 0
gametype_setting pointsPerMeleeKill 0
gametype_setting pointsPerPrimaryGrenadeKill 0
gametype_setting pointsPerPrimaryKill 0
gametype_setting pointsPerSecondaryKill 0
gametype_setting pointsPerWeaponKill 0
gametype_setting teamScorePerCleanDeposit 1
gametype_setting teamScorePerDeath 0
gametype_setting teamScorePerHeadshot 0
gametype_setting teamScorePerKill 1
gametype_setting scorePerPlayer 0
gametype_setting scoreResetOnDeath 1
gametype_setting deathPointLoss 0

gametype_setting hardcoreMode 0
gametype_setting oldschoolMode 0
gametype_setting classicMode 0
gametype_setting infectionMode 0
gametype_setting kothMode 0
gametype_setting bulletDamageScalar 1.0

gametype_setting scoreLimit 100
gametype_setting timeLimit 10
gametype_setting OvertimetimeLimit 2
gametype_setting extraTime 0
gametype_setting roundLimit 1
gametype_setting roundswitch 1
gametype_setting roundWinLimit 0
gametype_setting roundScoreLimit 0
gametype_setting roundStartExplosiveDelay 10
gametype_setting roundStartKillstreakDelay 15
gametype_setting cumulativeRoundScores 0

gametype_setting spawnprotectiontime 3
gametype_setting spawntraptriggertime 5
gametype_setting spawnsuicidepenalty 0
gametype_setting spawnteamkilledpenalty 0
gametype_setting incrementalSpawnDelay 0

gametype_setting vehiclesEnabled 1
gametype_setting vehiclesTimed 1
gametype_setting objectivePingTime 4
gametype_setting objectiveSpawnTime 0

gametype_setting perksEnabled 1

//Pregame Voting
gametype_setting pregameAlwaysShowCACEdit 1
gametype_setting pregameAlwaysShowStreakEdit 1
gametype_setting pregameCACModifyTime 90
gametype_setting pregameDraftEnabled 0
gametype_setting pregameDraftRoundTime 30
gametype_setting pregameDraftType 0
gametype_setting pregameItemMaxVotes 1
gametype_setting pregameItemVoteEnabled 0
gametype_setting pregameItemVoteRoundTime 30
gametype_setting pregamePositionShuffleMethod 0
gametype_setting pregamePositionSortType 0
gametype_setting pregamePostRoundTime 3
gametype_setting pregamePostStageTime 3
gametype_setting pregamePreStageTime 5
gametype_setting pregameScorestreakModifyTime 30
gametype_setting gameAdvertisementRuleScorePercent 0
gametype_setting gameAdvertisementRuleTimeLeft 0
gametype_setting gameAdvertisementRuleRound 0
gametype_setting gameAdvertisementRuleRoundsWon 0
gametype_setting prematchperiod 15
gametype_setting preroundperiod 5
gametype_setting prematchrequirement 0

gametype_setting allowAnnouncer 1
gametype_setting allowBattleChatter 1

gametype_setting trm_maxHeight 95.0

////Gametype Settings////
//Search and Destroy -- sd
gametype_setting enemyCarrierVisible 2
gametype_setting plantTime 0
gametype_setting defuseTime 20
gametype_setting bombTimer 60
gametype_setting multiBomb 0
gametype_setting silentPlant 0

//Team Deathmatch -- tdm
gametype_setting teamAssignment 2
gametype_setting teamCount 2

//Hardpoint -- koth
gametype_setting autoDestroyTime 120
gametype_setting objectiveSpawnTime 10
gametype_setting captureTime 15
gametype_setting destroyTime 15
gametype_setting delayPlayer 15
gametype_setting randomObjectiveLocations 0
gametype_setting timePausesWhenInZone 0
gametype_setting maxPlayerEventsPerMinute 0

//Domination -- dom
gametype_setting maxObjectiveEventsPerMinute 0
gametype_setting maxPlayerDefensive 0
gametype_setting maxPlayerOffensive 0
gametype_setting flagCanBeNeutralized 0
gametype_setting flagCaptureCondition 1    
gametype_setting flagCaptureGracePeriod 0

//Capture the Flag -- ctf
gametype_setting flagDecayTime 0
gametype_setting flagRespawnTime 0
gametype_setting idleFlagDecay 0
gametype_setting idleFlagResetTime 0

//Fracture -- clean
gametype_setting cleanDepositOnlineTime 60
gametype_setting cleanDepositRotation 1

//Kill Confirmed -- conf
gametype_setting teamScorePerKillConfirmed 1
gametype_setting teamScorePerKillDenied 0

//Uplink -- ball
gametype_setting ballCount 1
gametype_setting hotPotato 0
gametype_setting carryScore 0
gametype_setting carrierArmor 100

//Gun Game -- gun
gametype_setting weaponCount 0
gametype_setting weaponTimer 0
gametype_setting gunSelection 0

gametype_setting bootTime 5

gametype_setting delayPlayer 0

gametype_setting movePlayers 1

gametype_setting rebootPlayers 0
gametype_setting rebootTime 15
gametype_setting robotSpeed 1
gametype_setting robotShield 0

gametype_setting setbacks 0
gametype_setting shutdownDamage 2

gametype_setting useEmblemInsteadOfFactionIcon 0

Team Deathmatch -- tdm

Free For All -- dm

Search and Destroy -- sd

Capture the Flag -- ctf

Domination -- dom

Hardpoint -- koth

Uplink -- ball

Kill Confirmed -- conf

Gun Game -- gun

Demolition -- dem

Safegaurd -- escort

Fracture -- clean

Remote Console Commands:
exec / Run developer execution commands for mod development
gametype_setting %gametype setting% %gametype setting arguments% / Configure specific game settings commonly defined in the playlist file
devmap %map name% / Change map to specified map
map %map name% / Change map to specified map
fast_restart / Restarts current game
map_restart / Restarts current game
systeminfo / Reports information on the current system running the server
serverinfo / Reports current server information
status / Reports current server status including player list and IP addresses
clientkick %client's ID% / Kick client by server client ID number typically 0-17
unbanUser %user's steam ID% / Unban user via their Steam ID, will remove from ban file on server
kick %client's name% / Kick client by their name
banClient %client's ID% / Adds user by their server client ID number to ban list
banUser %client's name% / Adds user by their name to ban list
quit / Shuts down the server
lobby_list / Lists all clients in the lobby
lobby_ban %user's Steam ID%/ Bans user in lobby via the user's Steam ID
lobby_kick %user's Steam ID%/ Kicks user in lobby via the user's Steam ID
lobby_setgametype %game type name% / Switches the lobby game type
lobby_setmap %map name% / Switches the lobby map
lobby_nextmap / Switches lobby to next map in playlist
launchGame / Launches game regardless of number of users
gamesettings_generateconfig / Generates a config file in /local_storage/users, containing all the configured game settings
restrict_attachment %attachment ID% / Restricts attachment using attachment ID
restrict_item %item ID% / Restricts item (i.e. weapon, equipment) using item ID
set_gametype %game type name% / Change game type to specified game type

Server Console Commands/ Start-Up Commands:
+set net_port \"27017\"
+set net_ip \"\"
+set sv_playlist 1
+set fs_game 775568783 <-- Mod ID ( Default = usermaps )
+lobbyTimerStatusStartInterval 30000 <-- Milliseconds
+set g_log 1 <-- Enables Logging When using 3RD Party Mods
+set logfile 2
+set live_steam_server_name \"Black Ops 3 Server\"
+set live_steam_server_description \"This is a test server.\"
+set live_steam_server_password \"\"
+rcon_password \"\""

Stock Maps

mp_apartments (Evac)
mp_biodome (Aquarium)
mp_chinatown (Exodus)
mp_ethiopia (Hunted)
mp_havoc (Havoc)
mp_infection (Infection)
mp_metro (Metro)
mp_redwood (Redwood)
mp_sector (Combine)
mp_spire (Breach)
mp_stronghold (Stronghold)
mp_veiled (Fringe)
mp_nuketown_x (Nuke3town)

DLC Pack 1

mp_crucible (Gauntlet)
mp_rise (Rise)
mp_skyjacked (SkyJacked)
mp_waterpark (Splash)

DLC Pack 2

mp_aerospace (Spire)
mp_banzai (Verge)
mp_conduit (Rift)
mp_kung_fu (Knockout)

DLC Pack 3

mp_arena (Rumble)
mp_cryogen (Cryogen)
mp_rome (Empire)
mp_shrine (Berserk)

DLC Pack 4

mp_city (Rupture)
mp_miniature (Micro)
mp_ruins (Citadel)
mp_western (outlaw)


L-CAR    pistol_fullauto
MR6       pistol_standard
RK5        pistol_burst

Marshal 16    pistol_shogun
Rift E9        pistol_energy

Submachine Guns

Kuda       smg_standard
Pharo       smg_burst
Razorback  smg_longrange
Vesper       smg_fastfire
VMP        smg_versatile
Weevil       smg_capacity

HG 40              smg_mp40
DIY 11 Renovator  smg_nailgun
HLX 4             smg_rechamber

Assault Rifles
XR-2    ar_fastburst
HVK-30    ar_cqb
ICR-1    ar_accurate
KN-44    ar_standard
M8A7    ar_longburst
Man-o-war    ar_damage
Sheiva    ar_marksman

Famas            ar_famas
MX Garand        ar_garand
Peacekeeper MK2    ar_peacekeeper
LV8 Basilisk    ar_pulse


205 Brecci    shotgun_semiauto
Argus    shotgun_precision
Haymaker 12    shotgun_fullauto
KRM-262    shotgun_pump

Banshii    shotgun_energy

Light Machine Guns

48 Dredge    lmg_heavy
BRM    lmg_light
Dingo    lmg_cqb
Gorgon    lmg_slowfire

R70    lmg_infinite

Sniper Rifles

Drakon    sniper_fastsemi
Locus    sniper_fastbolt
SVG-100    sniper_powerbolt
P-06    sniper_chargeshot

DSR-50    sniper_double
RSA Interdiction    sniper_quickscope


XM-53    launcher_standard
Black Cell    launcher_lockonly

L4 Siege launcher_multi

Melee Weapons

Combat Knife melee_loadout
Ace of Spades    melee_shovel
Bowie Knife    bowie_knife
Brass Knuckles    melee_knuckles
Bushwhacker    melee_chainsaw
Butterfly Knife    melee_butterfly
Buzz Cut    melee_improvise
Carver    melee_bowie
Enforcer    melee_shockbaton
Fists    bare_hands
Fury's Song    melee_sword
Iron Jim    melee_crowbar
L3FT.E    melee_prosthetic
Malice    melee_dagger
MVP    melee_bat
Nightbreaker    melee_boneglass
Nunchuks    melee_nunchuks
Path of Sorrows    melee_katana
Prize Fighters    melee_boxing
Skull Splitter    melee_mace
Slash n' Burn    melee_fireaxe
Wrench    melee_wrench
Raven's Eye  melee_crescent

Special Weapons

NX ShadowClaw    special_crossbow
D13 Sector    special_discgun

/give <weapon id>+<attachment id> --&gt; I.e /give lmg_cqb+acog+quickdraw+suppressed
Reflex Sight: reflex
BOA: holo
ELO: reddot
Extended Mags: extclip
Fast Mags: fastreload
FMJ: fmj
Grip: grip
High Caliber: damage
Laser Sight: steadyaim
Long Barrel: extbarrel
Quickdraw: quickdraw
Rapid Fire: rf
Recon: acog
Supressor: suppressed
Thermal: ir

Specialist Abilities:
Active Camo: hero_optic_camo
Combat Focus: gadget_combat_efficiency
Gambler: gadget_thief
Glitch: gadget_flashback
Heatwave: gadget_heat_wave
Kinetic Armor: gadget_armor
Overdrive: gadget_speed_burst
Psychosis: gadget_clone
Rejack: gadget_resurrect
Vision Pulse: gadget_vision_pulse
Annihilator: hero_annihilator
Gravity Spike: hero_gravityspikes
H.I.V.E: hero_chemicalgelgun
Purifier: hero_flamethrower
Ripper: hero_armblade *Doesnt work*
Scyth: hero_minigun
Tempest: hero_lightninggun
War Machine: hero_pineapplegun

Playlist Example

.txt   playlists.txt (Size: 8.35 KB / Downloads: 9)
Primary Account: Add Me On this Account
[Image: 76561198070236721.png]

Secondary Account: Add Me On this Account
[Image: 76561198096107676.png]

Third Account:
[Image: 76561198164751656.png]

Hey guys how would i add a new line? to my description?

It will automatically move it down a line when you run out of space or you can try "/n" to make it enter down a line..

Thanks, Casper
Primary Account: Add Me On this Account
[Image: 76561198070236721.png]

Secondary Account: Add Me On this Account
[Image: 76561198096107676.png]

Third Account:
[Image: 76561198164751656.png]

Was soll man machen wenn kommt "server is not running"

Ich will es mit hamachi machen

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