ColouRz's Moderator Application [ACCEPTED]

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    *Steam account name: ColouRz

    *Steam profile URL:

    *VAC Status: 0 VAC bans

    Information about you

    *First Name: Simon

    *Country: Sweden

    *State: Värmlands Län

    *Languages: Swedish, english and a little spanish

    *Why do you think you will be a good Staff Member [Min 50 Words]: Because i have a good understanding of the game, which I've got from playing CoD for about 6 years. I'm a good english speaker and easy to talk with. I play very often on the FYANB MW3 Sniper server. I can help the community with things which are needed. I really want to make a change of the better in the community and I'm online every day.

    In-game info

    *Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/ XUID is: 0110000106ad9641

    *Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56019744

    *Do you know the server rules?: I know the server rules since I've been playing there a lot. The rules are also used on a lot of sniper servers so they are common sense for the experienced player. No hardscoping, dragscoping nor noscoping, no bad language. You can only quickscope. There is also a plugin which detects hardscopes and gives you a hitmarker when you hardscope someone. It is a bit glitchy though because you can zoom in twice rapidly and make a quickscope and still get the hardscope warning. Obviously dragscope is when you aim in close to a player and then drag your sight at him/her. Noscope is when you shoot without aiming down the sights.

    *Have you broken any rules on the servers before?: I have accidentaly hardscoped a couple of times and sometimes I've noscoped.

    *Do you understand the Server Rules?: Yes.

    *Have you been an Staff on other servers Before this?: No, but I've been close to many admins and have been calling out cheaters for admins in games such as CoD4, MW3 and Minecraft.

    *How many game played hours do you have on "Modern Warfare 3"?: About 500. I have 6 years of continuous CoD playing though.

    *How many hours do you spend on our servers per day on average?: I log on almost every day, for atleast half an hour.

    *How long have you played on our servers for?: A couple of months, not sure exactly but for sure over four atleast.

    Other Questions

    *Is there anything else you would like to share to us about yourself?: I like to play games and talk with people from other parts of the world. I'm a pure gamer and dedicates most of my time to my PC. I prefer FPS games such as CoD and CSGO. I'm 16 years old and i go to highschool in the orientation Technology. Even though I'm quite young I am a very responsible and mature person. No need to be afraid of a kid here. And yes, I have good grades Wink

    *Your sign here please: Simon Svensson, ColouRz

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    Congradulations, ColouRz, You have been selected for a Moderator Position on our QuickScope Servers.

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