Spongey's Moderator Application [ACCEPTED]

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    *A4 SpongeSadYour name on steam, if you change steam name you will need to update it here too)

    *steamcommunity.com/id/dat_sponge/SadYour profile site must be displayed here. )

    *0 VAC Bans! Never cheated and never will!:

    Information about you

    *Jan: (Your Real Name)

    *Germany: (Which Country do you live in?)

    *Mecklenburg Vorpommern: (Which State do you live in?)

    *English and German:

    *The ~FYANB~ EuroDomeQuickscopeServer is a very well visited and liked server by everyone who joins. The comunity on this server is very nice (kinda family) and I'm on this server daily for at least 4h. The only thing i want to improve is that the lack of moderators make it sometimes unplayable if a cheater joins again and again... Furthermore the rules that run on this server are perfect! No one complains about them and everyone accept them!:

    In-game info

    *Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/ XUID is: 011000010525d94f:


    *1.No Noscoping/Hardscoping allowed! Only Quickscope! //Getting warned for hardscoping by plug-in!
    2.No knifing allowed! //Knifing is disabled!
    3.No usage of offensive language! //Getting warned by plug-in!
    4.No Cheating or Hacking in any way! //He doesn't get banned -> so me as moderator
    5.Be kind and have fun!

    Sometimes I Noscope people (but its way harder to noscope than quickscope!).
    Sometimes I write offensive words to freinds which are not meant in any bad attitude! Big Grin


    *No, there is no vother server i like tio play on!

    *On MW3 2200+h

    *Depends on how mayn are there! Sometimes 3-4h (E.g. 1-2 hours)

    *4 Months (E.g. 2 Weeks, 2 Months etc...)

    Other Questions

    *I'm a feeder in A4 Clan which is the last running PC-Clan since the beginning :/
    I know nearly every player on this server!

    *Jan, A4 Sponge:

  • Head Administrator

    Congradulations, Spongey, You have been selected for a Moderator Position on our QuickScope Servers.

    Moderator Commands


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