Gambler's Moderator Application [ACCEPTED]

  • Head Administrator

    Steam Info

    Steam Account Name: Gambler (Escrow free)

    Steam Profile URL:

    VAC Status: Good Standing

    Information about me

    First Name: Hunter

    Country: U.S.

    State: California

    Languages: English

    Why i think i would be a good staff member:
    Used to play on FYANB's MW3 Servers a while back for a long time, I will be happy to have a position in the TF2 server. I am already a part of the group but i think i could get a higher position. Was asked by Casper to apply for admin

    In-game info

    MW3 XUID: 01100001063345ed
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52011766

    Do i know the server rules?: Yes, atleast for the server ive played on
    MW3 Infected servers - No blocking for Survivors, Stay out of banned spots, no spamming in chat or anything of the sort.

    Have i broken any rules on any of the servers before?:
    Do i understand the server rules: Yes.

    Have i been a staff member on any other servers before FYANB?: No.

    How many game hours have i played MW3 for?: 324 hrs (not my main game)

    How many hours do i spend playing on FYANB servers?: When MW3 FYANB servers were still "alive" i would play about 2-5 hours playing everyday.

    how long have i played on the FYANB servers?: 2 years more or less

    Other Questions

    Is their anything else about myself that i would like to share with you?: I have written a few simple programs in VB.NET

    I make skins for TF2 on

    Sign Here Please
    Gambler ~Hunter Heart

  • Head Administrator

    Congradulations, Gambler, You have been selected for a Moderator Position on our QuickScope Servers.

    Moderator Commands


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