Phdsz's Moderator Application [ACCEPTED]

  • Head Administrator


    *Steam Account Name: p h d s z

    *Steam Profile URL:

    *Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116114277

    *Valve Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): no

    *Battleye Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): no

    *Punkbuster Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): no


    *First Name: Bas

    *Country: the Netherlands

    *State: -

    *Known Languages: Dutch, english, german (mehh)

    *Why do you think you should a Moderator? [Min 50 Words]: Because i feel like i can help the other moderators on the mw3 ffa server. Im a very good player and i am very good at seeing who hacks and who doesnt. Ive been playing this game for 1500 hours so its quite easy for me. I also feel like some mods are quite inactive on the server so another mod would help a lot.

    In-game info

    *Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/ XUID is: 011000010dd786ca

    *Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116114277

    *Do you know the server rules?
    Quickscope only, no hardscoping allowed (also not possible), no hacking, no knifing (not possible either) and do not go under the map (also not possible?)

    *Have you broken any rules on the servers before? No

    *Do you understand the Server Rules? (Y/N) Yes

    *Have you been an Staff on other servers Before this? Yes, UDK quickscope server (long time ago)

    *How many game played hours do you have on "Modern Warfare 3"? Over 1500

    *How many hours do you spend on our servers per day on average? (E.g. 1-2 hours) 10-15 hours per 2 weeks

    *How long have you played on our servers for? (E.g. 2 Weeks, 2 Months etc...) Probably a year now

    Other Questions

    *Is there anything else you would like to share to us about yourself? Im sexy af

    *Your sign here please:
    Bas, phdsz

  • Head Administrator

    Congradulations, phdsz, You have been selected for a Moderator Position on our QuickScope Servers.

    Moderator Commands


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