XxKillerBathtubxX's Moderator Application [DENIED]

  • Head Administrator

    My steam name is XxKillerBathtubxX.
    My URL is Zach24333.

    My first name is Zach
    I live in the USA.
    I live in Ohio.
    I speak only English.
    I think I would be a good staff member because I have experience on other servers and I know the rules of TTT.

    Steam id is Zach24333.
    No I don't know rules but i can learn all of them.
    No I have not broken any rules.
    I don't know the server rules.
    Yes i Have been.
    202 hours
    About 2 hours a day.
    1 Day

  • Head Administrator

    Sorry, XxKillerBathtubxX, You will need to remake a new application following our strict guild lines. Please take a look at the Example Thread and Copy the Application there to a new Admin Application.

    Thanks, Casper

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