Auxqii's Moderator Application [ACCEPTED]

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    *Steam Account Name: Auxqii

    *Steam Profile URL:

    *Steam ID: Auxqii

    *Valve Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): No

    *Battleye Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): No

    *Punkbuster Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): No

    Easy Anti-Cheat Ban? (YES / NO): No


    *First Name:


    Greece is not categorized in states. I live in an Island.

    *Known Languages:
    English (Certified), Greek (Native)

    *Why do you think you should a Admin/Moderator? [Min 50 Words]:

    Okay. Let's start from the fact that I'm a QuickScoper for years, and whenever I play MW3, I join QuickScope servers. I have been Admin/Mod in some servers in the last few years but they didn't survive. Actually, the last one "died" some weeks ago, so I took the risk to try FYANB QuickScope though I'm not very font of that server -- that's because its not configured well for the optimum QuickScope experience which I will analyze gladly to any older Admins and see if they can ameliorate this server[...]Besides, FYANB QuickScope server is the only one that is left. Further info about me,my expectations and my plans considering this topic can be discussed later on.

    In-game info

    *Specific Server:
    ~FYANB~ Quickscope [EU/GER]

    *Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/XUID is:

    *Do you know the server rules?:

    Yep. Check bellow.


    1. No Hardscope, 2) No Knifing, 3) No Offensive Language, 4) No Camping (not sure if that still exists). 5) No hacks.
    2. Simply and without details hold your scope less than 1 1/2 sec. Plugin with kick you after 3 hardscopes.
    3. Knifing must be disabled in rcon configs but if not, its forbidden to be used. Read Quickscope rules.
    4. Obviously no racistic comments, provoking language and characterisms that can't be tolerated.
    5. Don't camp in places for much. This means that even if you die, don't go in the same place that you died before just to get kills easier. That is called camping.
      5)No cheating at all.

    Hint: Rules from server to server may vary. In the servers I've been Admin/Mod we had no penalty for offensive language, we just let our Staff judge whether the language is appropriate or inappropriate. The same goes for every other rule.

    *Have you broken any rules on the servers before?

    Yes. I had once. You know, my toleration with Offensive lanuage isn't that big. And of course I had no penalties, I can't recall anytime I was wrong lol.

    *Do you understand the Server Rules?

    Yes. And if I don't. Advise me.

    *Have you been an Staff on other servers Before this?:

    Absolutely,in 4 diffrent quickscope servers during my steam life out of in 3 of them I was an Admin.

    *How many game played hours do you have on our communities servers?

    Not many, that's because I used to play in the servers I was mod/admin into. And oh, I'm not very font of Infected mode.

    *How many hours do you spend on our servers per day on average?

    I used to spend around 1 hour, and yet I explained the reason in the above question. Luckily, in the servers I was Admin/Mod I was spending around 6 hours daily and let's not talk about the weekly streak haha.

    *How long have you played on our servers for?

    Since FYANB had a QuickScope server. Not too long, but yeah, I visit servers much more nowadays than I used to.

    Other Questions

    *Is there anything else you would like to share to us about yourself?

    Yes. That I'm an adult and that I will use MW3 as a place to relax. This means that I might not be stably active. I also do know some of the Admins/Mods of the server/fyanb community which makes it even easier to share my plans about the quickscope server. I would really like to set my thoughts on how to ameliorate this server and make it more useful for its users to learn how to quickscope. Moreover, I acknowledge every circumstance that may appear while I will be an Admin/Mod as well as I have knowledge with coding and Commanders that some people may lack of.
    Last but not least, I want to add that I have been Moderator in some forums in my life and I'm quite experienced with design and BB codes.

    *Your sign here please:
    alt text

  • Head Administrator

    Congradulations, Auxqii, You have been selected for a Moderator Position on our Servers.

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