Shrekt's Promotion Application [ACCEPTED]

  • Head Administrator


    Steam Account Name: Aspire shrekt'

    Steam Profile URL:

    Steam ID:

    Valve Anti-Cheat Ban? Yes, i was using force host tool in MW2.


    First Name: David

    Country: Czech Republic

    State: -

    Known Languages: Czech, English, a litlle bit Deutsch.

    Why do you think you should be promoted to a higher rank? [Min 50 Words]: So yeah,.. After few months of being mod, i think it's time to get promoted .I know a lot of people in community and also i'm a known guy in a community we can say. I'm playing on FYANB Quickscope Servers everyday and i'm trying to catch all of these shitty hackers. Also i've already banned so many hackers and wanna ban them all! I'm just trying to keep the servers clear from the hackers and trying my best to help FYANB Servers.

    In-game info

    Specific Server:

    • ~FYANB~ Quickscope #1
    • ~FYANB~ Quickscope #2
    • ~FYANB~ Quickscope#3

    Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/XUID is: 011000010c695f03

    • Do you know the server rules?: Yes.
    • Do not hardscope or you'll be kicked after few warnings.
    • No noscope.
    • No dragscope.
    • No hacking.

    Have you broken any rules on the servers before? Well.. I've noscope'd sometimes.

    Do you understand the Server Rules? Yes i do!

    Have you been an Staff on other servers Before this? No.

    How many game played hours do you have on our communities servers? A lot. As i said i play on servers everyday.

    How long have you played on our servers for? About 2 years.

    Other Questions

    Is there anything else you would like to share to us about yourself? -

    Your sign here please: David/ Aspire shrekt'

  • Administrator

    Shrekt is active and can use his rights well. He deserves a promotion in my opinion.

  • Head Administrator

    Congradulations, Shrekt, You have been selected for a Admin Position on our Servers.

    Admin Commands


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