XTC's Moderator Application [DENIED][MISSING IN ACTION?]

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    *Steam account name: X T C

    *Steam profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202148571/

    *VAC Status: No VAC Bans

    Information about you

    *First Name: Leon

    *Country: Germany

    *State: Baden-Württemberg

    *Languages: German and englisch

    *Why do you think you will be a good Staff Member [Min 50 Words]: I have much experience with this game, and I love to quickscope. I see hackers every day, but unfortunately I can't do anything against it. There are much people who try to hide there hack and no one will notice they are hacking, but i always recognize hackers. I'm actually daily online and much people know me for playing ok.

    In-game info

    *Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/ XUID is: 011000010e6ad6db

    *Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:120941421

    *Do you know the server rules?: Yes i know the Rules. Of course cheating is not allowed. Also no hardcscoping, dragscoping or noscoping. There is hardscope plugin which kicks you if you hardscope more thand 3 or 4 times. There is also a bad language plugin which can kick you, too.

    *Have you broken any rules on the servers before?: Yes sometimes i accidentally hardscope or noscope. And I use too often bad language, but i'll try to quit it ...

    *Do you understand the Server Rules?: Yes

    *Have you been an Staff on other servers Before this?: No.

    *How many game played hours do you have on "Modern Warfare 3"?: On PC I have 180, but on ps3 I have more than 40 days...

    *How many hours do you spend on our servers per day on average?: I actually log in every day for one hour

    *How long have you played on our servers for?: I think since 2 Month

    Other Questions

    *Is there anything else you would like to share to us about yourself?: Im 18 years old and im doing "Abitur", thats a high graduation in germany. Im playing COD since mw2, but started playing on Pc one year ago. I love quickscoping on pc its way better than on ps3.

    *Your sign here please: Leon Farina, X T C

  • Head Administrator

    Sorry, XTC, You will need to remake a new application when you begin to be active again.

    Thanks, Casper

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