GamingNinja's Moderator Application [DENIED][MISSING IN ACTION?]

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    *Steam Account Name: GamingNinja

    *Steam Profile URL:

    *Steam ID: [/url][url=]STEAM_0:1:68064805

    *Valve Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ): yes that was only because i used a mod menu on private match on Black Ops 2 for me and my friend to have fun with bots, but i never used it online

    *Battleye Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ):no

    *Punkbuster Anti-Cheat Ban? ( YES / NO ):no

    *Easy Anti-Cheat Ban? (YES / NO):no


    *First Name: Ricardo

    *Country: United States

    *State: Texas

    *Known Languages: English and Spanish

    *Why do you think you should a Admin/Moderator? [Min 50 Words]:
    I would like to be an admin because i would like to be able to make the servers fun to play in and kick and ban any cheaters that come to ruin the game for everybody.I have seen admins and moderators leave and next thing a hacker comes in the server and ruins the server and there is nothing i can do or anyone to kick the cheater off of the server.

    In-game info

    *Specific Server: If i could be admin for all the servers that would be cool if not then just the FYANB infected shop 2 server

    *Call of Duty: MW3 GUID/XUID is: 1100001081d2c4b

    *Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68064805

    *Do you know the server rules?
    (If yes, which rules do you know?) Yes
    No cheating/hacking
    follow all the server rules
    respect all the admins
    no swearing
    no camping after moab

    *Have you broken any rules on the servers before?
    (if yes, which rule / rules. DO NOT LIE!!!): No

    *Do you understand the Server Rules? (Y/N): Yes i do

    *Have you been an Staff on other servers Before this? No i have not been a staff member for any server yet

    *How many game played hours do you have on our communities servers? i have just like 650 hrs total in the game so my time in the fyanb servers might be half of what i have in total

    *How many hours do you spend on our servers per day on average? i spend like 2 hrs at most per day i only get online for 3 days as i have a regular job and only have time to play for 3 days

    *How long have you played on our servers for? i have like 1 and a half year playing MW3 on pc and around 7 months on the fyanb servers

    Other Questions

    *Is there anything else you would like to share to us about yourself?

    *Your sign here please:
    (Ricardo / GamingNinja)

  • Head Administrator

    Sorry, GamingNinja, You will need to remake a new application when you begin to be active again.

    Thanks, Casper

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