Moderator Application Nuori jänö

  • Steam Information
    *Steam Account Name: Nuori jänö

    *Steam Profile URL:

    *Steam2 ID:

    *Steam3 ID(64 Bit):(Dec) and (Hex)

    *Valve Anti-Cheat Ban? no

    *Battleye Anti-Cheat Ban? no

    *Punkbuster Anti-Cheat Ban? no
    *Easy Anti-Cheat Ban? no

    Information About You
    *First Name: Kasper

    *Country: Finland

    *State: -

    *Known Languages: Finnish and english

    *Why would you do a good job as an ~FYANB~ Server Manager? [Min 100 Words]: im active and social at the servers i hate when hackers ruin others game so i want to change it and i know how to spot hacker.

    In-game info
    *Have you been an Admin on other servers before this?
    *How many game played hours do you have on our communities servers?
    at the servers i think 200h
    *How many hours do you spend on our servers per day on average? (E.g. 1-2 hours)
    maybe 30min-2hours

    *How long have you played on our servers for? (E.g. 2 Weeks, 2 Months etc...)
    active half year

    *Your sign here please:
    Kasper/ Nuori jänö

  • Administrator

    You have too little experience to be accepted in that regard. You could only be accepted if other people vouched for you or if you were a well known player. If you play a year more or so and get to know more people in the community you could be accepted then. Also your response to "Why would you do a good job as an ~FYANB~ Server Manager? [Min 100 Words]:" is too short. Your statements are to be validated by other moderators as they see you play and since no one has replied to your application yet and since you don't have any moderators or other known players on your friend's list, your statements could be lies. Therefor it's too early for you to become a moderator.

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